(English) From a project to another

Perjantai, 18. Kesäkuuta 2010

I´m at the airport of Turku about to fly back to Oulu. I spent here a week to work on Kadonnut Kaupunki (Lost City)- project. We were rehearsing this piece that will premiere in Turku in 2011 as part of the programme of the culture city of Europe. We had a lot of fun. Some  artists from Turku started to work with us which was great.

I will stay at home only for one day to prepare myself for another great project: Jokinainen (River woman). It is a danceinstallation that will travel from Karesuvanto to Tornio along the rivers of Muonio and Tornio. The artistic director of this amazing project is Reijo Kela. We will start the travel on June 25th and will arrive in Tornio before mid-July. The audience will watch the installation from the shores of the river.You may follow the travel on our website: www.jokinainen.fi. or join us in Facebook or Twitter. We have GPS on the raft so that you may see exactly where we are each moment – check the website for the info.

In connection with Jokinainen we will perform Streams in five towns: Kolari, Turtola, Aavasaksa, Kukkola and Tornio. This is the piece that I perform with William Petit (dance) and Rosine Feferman (double bass). In addition to this there will be improvised dance and music that you may run into during these three-four weeks (25.6.-15.7.) in several places .Hope to meet you somewhere along the way!

Have a great summer!

- Pirjo