Flow Productions is a dynamic dance production company based in Oulu, Finland, founded in 2006 by dance artists Maria Littow and Pirjo Yli-Maunula. The company produces the multidisciplinary pieces, both on stage and site specifically.

Flow Productions also organizes a series of contemporary circus performances titled Flow-circus in collaboration with a number of venues and festivals in Oulu.

Over the past eleven years the company has produced over 30 pieces and since 2013 invited over 20 circus companies to perform in Oulu.

The artistic director of the company is artist professor Pirjo Yli-Maunula.

Flow Productions is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and town of Oulu. Flow is collaborating with Culture Centre Valve, Oulu Theatre Festival for Young Audiences, Oulu Music Festival, Oulu August Festival and JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre.


(suomi) Flow-sirkus ylpeänä esittää: DOIS 14.-15.3.
Friday, 3. March 2017

(suomi) Pessi ja Illusia Oulussa ja Helsingissä
Sunday, 5. February 2017


(suomi) Panopticon – henkilökohtaista ja häpeämätöntä
Monday, 26. January 2015

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(suomi) Pöhinää Cardiffissa
Monday, 9. September 2013

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