Flow-sirkus / Thomas Monckton: Only Bones
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“The creativity that has been poured into this piece is beyond measure, it is enchanting, engaging and enthralling.
” Edinburgh Guide

In 2014 Thomas Monckton performed The Pianist which was a hit all over the world. This year he comes back to Oulu with the performance Only Bones. The Performance has received many awards. Monckton has performed this show successfully in theatre festivals in Avignon (2016), in Edinburgh (2016) and in London (2017). He creates a world in a small square using only a chair and a lamp creating scenery. His ability to express even with the smallest body parts is beyond belief. During the performance he creates a playful involvement with the audience.

Performer: Thomas Monckton
Light- and sound design: Gemma Tweedie
Composition: Tuomas Norvio

SAT 2.12. at 19
SUN 3.12. at 16
Culture Centre Valve, Valvehall
Tickets: 20/15€
Valve ticket office: 08-558 47575