Flow Productions is one of the most exciting production companies in the North. It creates memorable multidisciplinary pieces on stage and immersive shows in various locations. The artistic director, choreographer Pirjo Yli-Maunula leads the working groups creating the pieces targeting always to something unforgettable and emotionally engaging for the audience to enjoy.

Over the past 15 years the company has produced 38 pieces. Flow-circus has brought 50 circus shows, both national and international guest performances to Oulu since 2013.

Flow Productions is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and town of Oulu. In 2020 Flow was also supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture and in 2021 by Finnish Cultural Foundation with corona support.

Flow is collaborating with Culture Centre Valve, Oulu Theatre, Oulu Theatre Festival for Young Audiences, Oulu Music Festival, Oulu Symphony and Oulu August Festival.  Flow is also involved in Barents Dance Collaboration and reaches out through that to North of Norway, Sweden and Russia.

Flow Productions is reaching for new audiences by being involved in Art Testers Campaign offering Flow Circus shows for the teenagers. The aim of the Art Testers Campaign is to provide young people with an opportunity to experience art, also art to which many would not otherwise have access.In the largest support project in its history, the Finnish Cultural Foundation has taken eight-graders to art visits in 2017–2020. Including teachers, the project has reached almost 200 000 people. The Art Testers will continue also in 2020–2021, when half of the funding comes from the government and the other half from The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.


(suomi) Maailman teatteripäivän julistus
Friday, 26. March 2021

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(suomi) Flow Productionsin HYLKY screenataan Cirkus Syd Cinemassa
Wednesday, 10. March 2021

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(suomi) Panopticon – henkilökohtaista ja häpeämätöntä
Monday, 26. January 2015

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(suomi) Pöhinää Cardiffissa
Monday, 9. September 2013

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