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Performance of debasement. On stage three performers, a juggler, an acrobat and a performance artist creates a continuity of absurd scenes that follow one another as artists question and experiments their limits, ones they impose to themselves and equally the ones imposed by others. Until where we can go without hurting ourselves?

Creating a raw performance with a mixture of black humour and oddness. Taival intorregates this fragile separation that live inside of us all, between an absolute freedom that inspires us and independency that gives essence of being human. Linked with manipulative games and domination these three artists try to let go of it in order to find a refuge to their frustrations.

In this debasement of pain and limits aren’t there a final source of pleasure ? In this This constraint suffered, imposed Individual isn’t free anymore ? The performance explores these questions through strong aesthetic prism. a sublimation of pain on stage is assumed like a part of an answer to the the issues raised.

Isn’t pain a bit poetic as beauty? Can we laugh at painful and hurtful things ?

In this new creation Nuua company continues it’s sensible experimentations on body and matter. A performance is like an imaginary trip into absurd and irony. Performance feels real and it’s stage art fantasy stripping style brings it towards more personal levels. Not only to it’s artists but for it’s audi- ences as the performance opens up in a little difference ways.

For this manipulation of the other, in the control of one’s own body, is it not ultimately oneself that one tries to protect? Freely mixing different performing art forms, Taival is versatile, rough and corporal work of contemporary circus.

Nuua was founded by Finnish circus artist Olli Vuorinen and Brazilian artist Luis Sartori do Vale in 2012 in Finland as company for visual theater and contemporary circus performances. Nuua is one the Finland’s next generation companies in the field of contemporary circus. In a short time Nuua has taken it’s place in the international scene of performing arts. Nuua’s first performance ”Lento” (2013) has reached over 35 000 spectators in 10 different countries. Nuua collaborates together with various interna- tional artists around Europe, shares expreriences and brings back to Finland a new taste of circus. What makes Nuua works interesting is the fact that they are designed and carried out in co-operation with the whole company as collective piece. Directors, performers, light designers, sound designers and costume designers combine their different properties and can realize their work in more personal level, making the per- formances very creative and rich.

Performances: Culture Centre Valve, Valvehall Wed 1.2.2017 at 7pm and Thur 2.2. at 2pm
Tickets: 15€
Tickets sales: tel 0300 472 333 or teatteri.myyntipalvelu@ouka.fi or Culture centre Valve or www.ticketmaster.fi
Age recomendation: 13+

Original idea: Jouni Ihalainen, Olli Vuorinen
Concept and performance: Jouni Ihalainen, Coline Froidevaux, Nahuel Desanto
Light design: Teo Lanerva
Music: Petteri Rajanti
Director: Pau Portabella
Assistant director: Olli Vuorinen
Dress design: Anne Jämsä
Production: Nuua

Coline Froidevaux (performer)
Coline Froidevaux did a long journey of circus formations France can offer… She started circus at the age of 4 and went from Cirque Plumes youth circus school to preparatory circus schools in Lomme and Montpelier to professional school ENACR ( Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois ) and she finished her studies with an DMA-des arts du cirque-diplome in Aca- demie Fratellini in 2013.
All these years gave her vide artistic perception in various circus, dance and theatre creations with well known directors like Fabrice Champion, Lau- rent Fréchuret, Marc Proulx, Coline Serreau and Jérôme Thomas

Nahuel Desanto (performer)
Desanto followed a dance and theater education in the city of Córdoba where he directed the show ” algo no concuerda ”. 2009 he moved to Buenos Aires where after one year he stopped the vocational training in the circus school ” la arena” and changed plans to dedicate his time for inde- pendent training in dance and movement. 2010 Desanto moved to France for formation in Le Lido, Centre of circus arts in Toulouse.
In 2013 he created the company Faseqiatra. Project focused the relation of the dance, theater and circus with audiovisuals concepts on stage. Desanto carried out various projects with several choreographers such as Kitt Johnson, Riedl- bauchoba Verónica, Marta Torrents and Pau Portabella.

Jouni Ihalainen (performer)
Jouni Ihalainen graduated the Salpaus circus line in Finland 2005 and completed his studies on 2008 in Paris at Academie- Fratellini. Since then Ihalainen has been working with the French new circus pioneer group Cirque Baroque, Théatre NoNo and in the performances of Kitsou Dubois.
The most well known solo work of Ihalainen is Black Pearl. Which has been touring around the world in varies festivals in Italy, France, Finland, Germany, Japan and the Reunion Island. Black pearl won the Budapest circus price in the Cirque de Demain festival in Paris 2008

Pau Portabella (director)
Specialised in Clown, mime and theatre improvi- sation Portabella graduated from physical theatre school “El Timbal” 2001 in Barcelona. He conti- nued his formation in circus schools of “Rogelio Rivel” in Barcelona 2002-2005 and centre des arts du cirque “Le Lido” in Toulouse 2006-2009, where he specialised in pair-acrobatics.
Portabella has been working with various circus and theatre companies such as “Circus Klezmer”, “Transe Express”, “Cirk Oblique” and he is also co- founder of a company “Triskel” in 2004, which toured widely in Spain. He founded “Fet a Mà” in 2009 with Marta Torrents, and company has recei- ved a lot of international success with the perfor- mance called “Cru”

Olli Vuorinen (assistant director)
Olli Vuorinen, founder of Nuua Company graduated from a French circus school Academie-Fratellini in 2011. After the education Vuorinen did two award-winning perfromances in Cirque de Demain-festival and his company got selected in 2012 to a EU-funded Circus Next-project. Since 2011 Vuorinen has been working closely with one of the pioneer compa- nies of contemporary juggling Les Objets Volants in a perfor- mance Liaison Carbone.
Olli Vuorinen is very productive Finnish contemporary circus artist. Past years he has been performing over 20 different countries. Vuorinen is known from his personal approach to performing, innovative juggling technics and various object theatre skills.

Teo Lanerva (light design)
Teo Laneva is studying at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki at the light and sound deparement. He works as a freelance video and sound designer for different kinds of performances, concerts and festivals. In his bachelor’s thesis work he created a visual experience on stage which was based on the impulses that the audience gave through cen- cors attached to their seats.
In the light and in the video designs he is fashi- nated about the visual value of light, but as well physicality of it. Lanerva aplies it on his work to get psychological and emotional reactions it evo- kes to the audience.

Petteri Rajanti (sound design)
Since 1979, Peter Rajanti has starred in movies and series as an actor and made a number of sound designs for theater and dance performan- ces, as well as in the movies. Rajanti has played in numerous bands since 1976 until today. He has recorded, edited and mixed a number of records since 1994. Rajanti is involved in a music collec- tive who owns a 200 square meter recording stu- dio. He has taught sound design and acoustics in Tampere University of Applied Sciences in art, music and media unit, as a lecturer from 1995.

Anne Jämsä (dress design)
Costume and set designer Anne Jämsä works as a freelancer in the field of performing arts. She has been designing costumes, props and stage sets mostly in objets theater, dance and contempo- rary circus performances. She has a master degree from University of Art and production design and she postgraduated with her research of object manipulation.