Flow-sirkus: Circo Aereo: The Pianist
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The Pianist is a solo performance by clown Thomas Monckton. The show is a story of a pianist, who is about to start his concert.
The audience will soon find out that the pianist doesn’t know his instrument, and things are not going as they are supposed to.
He finds new spots, feelings and even tones from his grand piano. The concert should already be starting, but the player is lost in his instrument. The Pianist is a concert that never starts.

Performances will be arranged in collaboration with Oulu music festival: http://www.omj.fi/the-pianist/

Performances in Vulture Centre Valve, Haliituskatu 7, March 12 at 7pm, March 13 at 7pm and March 14 at 1pm

Tickets 18/13€: Lippupalvelu, Oulu10 or Culture Centre Valve ticket office