(suomi) Flow-sirkus/Agit Cirk:Tenho
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Tenho (Glamour, Glimmer) refers to memories and images of the old circus; sweat, dust, torsion, constant exertion and self-torture.Light pure stage gives a conflicted background for two performers and a bunch of rough old tricks and odd stunts that are performed with bare skill and simple expression. The performance combines a great deal of deranged doing and thereby brings out the adequacy of just being.

Director: Sakari Männistö

Performers: Jenni Lehtinen ja Sasu Peistola

Light design: Ainu Palmu

Production: Agit Cirk

Duration: 50 min.

Tickets 15/20€: Culture Centre Valve 08-55847575 (open Wed-Sun  12-19pm)