Flow Circus presents: O´DD
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Trampoline-wizard Rauli Dahlberg is joined by the award-winning choreographer Jarkko Mandelin, master of live-looping Miro Mantere and visionary light designer Jere Mönkkönen in creating contemporary circus from another dimension.

O’DD is an adventure story of humanity in the guts of gravity. It plays with the laws of physics until they bend and one can break free from their grasp. Through wordless acrobatic movement and object manipulation, the essence of humanity is altered, the individual is cut into layers and imagined anew.

This is a new kind of direction for contemporary circus, its future and dreamed reality. O’DD boldly leads us to the transient world of being human.

Race Horse Company was born in 2008 out of need to create uncompromising and unique circus with no holds barred. The rough-and-ready performances are based on strong acrobatic skills, the aesthetics of chaos, dark humour and surprise. The company keeps pushing forward and usually a few steps too far.

Performance in culture centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7, Oulu, on October 14, at 7pm
Tickets 25€ available in Culture Centre Valve ticket office or Ticketmaster.fi