Flow-circus / Ilmatila: Yablochkov Candle
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Yablochkov Candle is a concert and an aerial acrobatic performance put together. Drawing inspiration from the art and performance styles of the 20th century, circus artist Ilona Jäntti and singer-songwriter Aino Venna have created a unique and minimalist cabaret club night for Cirko. Venna’s music, richly influenced by French chansons and old school rock ‘n’ roll blends effortlessly with Jäntti’s beautiful aerial choreography.

Choreographer, circus artist: Ilona Jäntti
Composer, musician: Aino Venna
Double bass: Erik Michelsen
Light designer: Kauri Klemelä
Premiere 13th May 2016 at Cirko Festival in Cirko Center for New Circus, Helsinki, Finland
In collaboration with: Cirko – Center for New Circus