Flow-sirkus / Ilona Jäntti: Namesake & Gangewifre
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Internationaly wellknown, enchanting aerial acrobat Ilona Jäntti will visit Culture Centre Valve in the series of contemporary circus performances called Flow-sirkus in December 16-17 at 7pm.

Get your tickets (20/15€) now in Culture Centre Valve ticket office tel 08-558 47575.

“Namesake” is inspired by and dedicated to two women: Lilian Leitzel, the greatest aerialist of all time and Ilona Jäntti’s great grandmother, a seamstress and an occasional gymnast. Jäntti does not from come from a circus family, or even from a family of artists. Through this piece she honours her own family and her personal history with circus.

Gangewifre is a site-specific aerial performance, commissioned by Festival Teatro a Corte in Italy. It has been performed also in Lithuania, Norway and Helsinki, Finland.

Choreographer, performer, costume maker: Ilona Jäntti
Lighting designer: Kauri Klemelä
Music and sound design for Gangewifre: Tuomas Norvio
Photo: Inkeri Jäntti

Bio of Ilona:
Ilona Jäntti studied circus at Circus Piloterna in Stockholm and contemporary dance at Laban Centre in London obtaining a master’s degree in choreography. Ilona has collaborated with a diverse range of circus, dance and theatre companies and venues including Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Opera House, The Place and Darwin Centre at National History Museum in the UK, Circo Aereo and Flow Productions in Finland and Cirkus Cirkör in Sweden. She has been a resident artist at V&A Museum of Childhood since 2010. Ilona has been awarded a three-year Artist Grant by the Finnish Government in 2012 and another by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2016.