Flow Circus presents: Only Bones
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“The creativity that has been poured into this piece is beyond measure, it is enchanting, engaging and enthralling.
” Edinburgh Guide
Thomas Monckton will return to Oulu with his award winning show Only Bones. Monckton creates a world in a small square using only a chair and a lamp creating scenery. His ability to express even with the smallest body parts is beyond belief.
Performances in Culture Centre Valve:
12.11. at 11am (for art testers)
13.11. at 1:30pm (for art testers)
13.11. at 7 pm
14.11. at 6pm
Tickets: 25/20€
Culture Centre Valve ticket office
(only 50 tickets for each show)


2.- 3.12.2017 in Culture Centre Valve