Flow-circus / Wow Hoop
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Culture Centre Valve, Valvehall Wed 30.8. at 10 & 12 & 14 + at 15 audience talk
Hiukkavaaran monitoimitalo Thur 31.8. at 10 & 12 & 14

Baby circus director Mette Ylikorva based the development of the performance on the needs of infant families. The performance has toured internationally child health centres, cultural centres, festivals and children’s events since 2008.

Audiences have expressed both gratitude and surprise
“We didn’t know what to expect when we came,but thankfully we did. Our baby followed the performance and now we can continue at home with our own circus.”

The circus has awoken curiosity and joy, which has encouraged families to attend the performance with their infants. The show begins gradually and softly. Babies who are meeting other babies for the first time can also participate.

As the audience arrives, performers get acquainted with each infant before moving to the performance space. There is no visible differentiation between the stage and the audience; the infants’ parents are also included. Infants are gently allowed to become familiar with the stage props, which are both safe and bite-resistant. The now familiar performer introduces circus characters and acts, which captivate the attention of the infants and entertain parents.

The performance provides families with infants an easy way to introduce the liveliness and joy of circus, to everyday life. The performance ends as gently as it begins. Afterwards, the participants can freely explore the stage area and circus paraphernalia. This serves as a good transition to the workshop. During the workshop session, participants learn scarf tricks and partner acrobatics. This encourages self-assurance in handling infants, brings fun to home life and is good for the children’s overall development. The stage props have helped many families to realize their own ideas for their children’s rooms. The performance lasts for 30 minutes and the workshop lasts 15-30 minutes. Performances can include up to 14 infants per session.

10€ one adult and one baby, 5€ second adult
Culture Centre Valve 08-558 47575 and Oulu10