Flow-circus/Clunker Circus: Wonderfully much of everything
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Clunker Circus is a fresh circus company founded in 2013 by three artists from Finland. The company’s work is a mixture of creativity, stupid ideas, vividness, strong circus skills and a laid back approach to life. Their aim is to represent a genuine picture of their generation. Clunker Circus’ aim is to do circus, do it for real and to do it cherishing the moment it happens in.

 Wonderfully much of everything has two main themes: circus as physical action and recycling. The set is a van full of stuff, things that are junk or trash for someone, but for these artists they turn into an inspiring playground. Shovels, planks of wood and plastic plants become a platform for acrobatics, dance and object manipulation. Useless creativity uplifts the mundane objects and forms them to become parts of beautiful and imaginative imagery.

Duration: 50 min

Performers: Saana Peura, Jori Reunanen, Rasmus Witikka
Concept and planning: Director & performers
Director: Maksim Komaro
Producer: Petteri Jakobsson
Production: Clunker Circus, Maracat Caravan
In collaboration: Circo Aereo, Jakobin Sirkus, Cirkus Xanti, Cirko Centre
Supported by: Circo Futura, Ministry of Education and Culture, City of Espoo, Nordic Culture Point
Premiere: March 2014, Cirko Centre, Helsinki, Finland