Lost City presents: Experience park Turku 2011
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a part of the Turku Capital of Culture programme


Check also: http://www.turku2011.fi/en/lost-city-presents-experience-park-turku-2011_en

  • Original concept, Don Walsh: Sami Henrik Haapala
  • Performers – Janna Haavisto, Anna Torkkel, Jonna Wikström, Pirjo Yli-Maunula, Maia Häkli, Pekko Koskinen, Janne Saarakkala, Laura Sandqvist, Matti Toivio, Elina Tuominen, Pentti Halonen, Nina Bassett, Layla Mollerup, Jörn Burmester, Joy Harder, with extras.
  • Artistic direction – Janne Saarakkala
  • Directors – Jonna Wikström (Info Booth tours), Pekko Koskinen (games), Janne Saarakkala (the rest)
  • Choreographer – Pirjo Yli-Maunula
  • Wardrobe – Outi-Maija Hakala
  • Set design – Johanna Latvala
  • Game co-ordination – Susanna Leppälahti, J. Tuomas Harviainen
  • Photography, graphic design, web design – Tomi Hurskainen
  • Web site – Toni Alatalo
  • Video – Veera Lehto, Sami Henrik Haapala
  • Production – Pirjo Yli-Maunula / Flow Productions
  • Production assistant – Maia Häkli
  • In co-operation with: Ehkä Production, Turku City Theatre, Turku Student Theatre, B Gallery
  • Supported by: Turku 2011 Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Goethe Insitut, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Danish Embassy

Seven-day sci-fi urban adventure with a psychoanalytical twist set in the city of Turku, July 21-27, 2011. It consists of performances, guided tours and games, which are intended to offer both familiar and brand new ways of experiencing a city. The creators of the event are theatre, dance, multimedia and role-playing game professionals from Turku, around Finland and beyond.

The Experience Park is a huge role play. The performers are cast as engineers of The Lost City, Inc., which is in the business of constructing experiences on a city-wide scale. The audience is cast as time-travellers from the future, and the tourist attraction they are visiting is a near-perfect replica of the mysterious city of Turku as it was in the year 2011.

Experience Turku like never before! You will be alienated from the familiar setting of everyday life by using various techniques. The city will be presented to you through the lens of fiction – as something fresh, inspiring and full of possibilities. Turku becomes a board game that the audience can participate in any number of ways, be it watching a play at a theatre, surfing the Internet, clubbing, taking a guided tour, or taking part in a role-playing game. The audience gets to choose the intensity of their experience from three distinct positions: spectator, participant, creator.