Body and Surface
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a multidisciplinary work

  • Concept, choreography, dance and production: Pirjo Yli-Maunula
  • Sound and Lighting Design, video installations: Jukka Huitila
  • Costume Design and installations: Pirjo Valinen
  • Photos: Pekka Mäkinen
  • Production: Flow Productions and Oulu City Art Museum
  • Premiere / Opening: 1 Sept., 2006 Oulu City Art Museum
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Sponsors: National Council for Dance, Arts Council of Finland
  • Body and Surface can be performed in museums, on stage and in galleries.

Body and Surface, a multi-disciplinary production, was executed in co-operation with the Oulu Art Museum in 2006.The production consisted of an exhibition and a dance piece, which was performed daily. The exhibition displayed photography, video and wardrobe installations and lighting. The piece was created by photographer Pekka Mäkinen, costume designer Pirjo Valinen, visual artist Jukka Huitila and dancer Pirjo Yli-Maunula. Produced by Flow Productions.

The piece is performed to an audience of six members (at most) at a time. The intimate and partly interactive piece strives to reach an immediate connection with the viewers, waking up their senses and taking various perspectives into physicality and the body. So far, the piece has been internationally performed in Canada and Norway.

In 2011, Body and Surface will be presented at the Prague Quadriennale (June 16-26) in the Czech Republic. Prague Quadriennale is a world expo for scenography and theater architecture, which brings artists and researchers from 80 countries to Prague every four years. The event has been around for over 40 years.

“The piece seems to be about human plight, confusion and, perhaps, indifference. A dancer moving to distorted music, wrapped in gauze, brings violence and war into the space. Dancing on broken glass sends shivers down a viewer’s spine.”Timo Jokelainen, Kaleva, Sep 6, 2006.

“Interesting and definitely art which touches the viewer!” Laura Veikkolainen, 8.10.2006

“The performance of Yli-Maunula is unique, an experience that focuses your mind and purifies.” Soile Seppä, Pohjolan Sanomat 30.9.2006


Pirjo Valinen has created costume designs, stage designs and posters for the Oulu City Theatre since 1975. Valinen has been working as a costume designer for theatre ever since 1977. Her works have been presented in a great number of exhibitions, in joint exhibitions and for her on her own. She has also been teaching, for example, at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and at the Universities of Oulu and Lapland.

Costume Designer Pirjo Valinen is known for her enthusiastic experimenting with new materials and work methods. Along the years, she has developed her own, distinctive style and character and her own, artistic views as a Finnish theatre costume designer. Her special interest point has been her courageous experimenting with various paper materials. Therefore, she has created a wide array of work methods aimed at handling paper and she has succesfully adapted the results of her experiments for theatre costumes, either as a part of the costume design or as a chosen costume material for an entire work.

Jukka Huitila Jukka Huitila is a visual artist graduated Master of Arts from the the Theatre Academy of Finland. He is one of the most luminous designer in the field of Finnish performing arts. His versatile career includes lighting, set and video design for interiors, exhibitions, live events and stage performances. He has collaborated in contemporary dance with a great number of the most recognized Finnish choreographers and this artwork has been seen in over twenty countries. Currently Huitila is interested in taking his art into more proprietary direction such as establishing status in the live art scene.

Pekka Mäkinen is a photographer graduated from the Institute of Design of Lahti, Finland, and he works as a freelance photographer in Kuopio, Finland. His career history consists of book illustrations, theatre and dance photo projects as well as of private exhibitions and teaching.

  • Performances at the Oulu City Museum, 2 Sept.-22 Oct., 2006 5 days a week (38)
  • Exhibition opening, Oulu City Art Museum, 1 Sept., 2006
  • Calgary University, Canada, Joyce and Quenten Doolittle Fine Arts Studio2-4 Feb., 2008 (6)
  • Hammerfest, Norway, Barents Dance Festival, 11-13 Oct., 2008 (6)