Littow: Own paths installation
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Dance artist and artisan in woodworking Maria Littow will build Own paths installation out of recycled materials in the lobby of Oulun Tähtisirkus (Oulu Star Circus) in October 2012. The starting idea for the work was the importance of finding or making one’s own path and of continuing on the chosen path. The materials for the installation are leftover wood from a carpenter’s workshop and rug rags cut out of textiles that the artist herself has used during her life. The network of paths to be built in the room leads the visitors to walk and to look at the photographs that are part of the work of art.

The second part of the Own paths project are dance works that will be presented in the installation. Maria Littow has invited two dance artists, both known for taking their own course, Jouni Järvenpää and Milla Virtanen, to prepare their solo works for a ready-made environment.

Modern dancer Jouni Järvenpää who used to live in Oulu and now lives in Turku will prepare a dance work called Portuguese Man O´War. The exhibition will be the terrain and map for the dance work. During the show the dancer tries to dance simultaneously in several places and to parallel several moments in one place. There is no Portugal, there are no wars or any ships in Portuguese Man O´War, but it deals with simultaneousness, overlapping, parallels and symbioses.

Ramona dance theater performance has been created to be part of Maria Littow’s Own Paths -installation. The audience has an opportunity to peak into Ramona’s daring world, that has space for balancing, courage and comfort. The tense, and perhaps a little charming atmosphere on the stage has been created by dancer/choreographer Milla Virtanen and musician Anssi Laiho.

Milla and Jouni will both present their solo works five times in October. The exhibition and the dance shows take place on the premises of the Oulun Tähtisirkus in Värttö, Kurkelantie 2.

The production has received support from the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Alfred Kordelin Foundation and the National Council for Dance.

The opening for the OWN PATHS installation is on Sunday 30.9. from 14 to 16. The exhibition is open throughout October Mon-Fri from 10 to 19 and on Sundays from 16 to 19.

The premiere of Jouni Järvenpää’s PORTUGUESE MAN O´WAR is on Friday 5.10. at 20 hours. The other performances are on Saturday 6.10. at 15, on Sunday 7.10. at 15, on Tuesday 23.10. at 15 and on Wednesday 24.10. at 21 hours.

The premiere of Milla Virtanen’s RAMONA is on Friday 12.10. at 20 hours. The other performances are on Saturday 13.10. at 15, on Sunday 14.10. at 15, on Tuesday 30.10 at 15 and on Wednesday 31.10. at 21 hours.

Tickets for the performances 12/10 €. Tickets sold at the door, advance bookings