Ma and Pa Go Party – Nomad Kabaret
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Performance proposed as a contemporary interactive intergeneration multi art kabaret

Involving, contemporary dancers, new circus jugglers  and amateur’s dancers from 50 years old and more as a global team, which will invest the audience with direct interaction, as an actor of the performance, passing through choreographic and juggling/dance partitions, actions based on what we called cabaret in Europe (all kinds and forms), evocation of culture, stories, symbolic of migrants gypsies, all elements proposed in a joyful and interactive play  with music of eastern Europe, composed by Miqueu MONTANARO, and space specific scenography by visual artist and light designer Carlos MOLINA LLORENS.

The social aspect of the interaction with communities, persons so called audience, the way they are involved into a creation process, as the questions it arrows about the links between Art and Society, Culture and Society are the main basis of the structuration of the piece, as it takes part of my work and the development of my career for years.

MA AN PA GO PARTY, is also the continuation and certainly the catharsis of a long way collaboration processes of different kinds (performances, site specific projects, children project, interactive propositions, events, workshops…) i’ve passed through in Oulu, during the last ten years, engaging co-production, artists partnerships, principally with Flow Production and Jojo Oulu Dance Center.

It’s really important that this new project, as it’s conceived, opens new fields of research, connection with the Oulu communities, involving amateurs from the city directly in the choir of the creation process, opening a space of sharing artistic experiment for the audience (all ages), to reach this specific moment of joyful interaction, of pleasure through dance, that we need to fulfil the ideas of relations as basis of a democratic contemporary living art space to build together.” (William Petit)

Concept and choreography: William Petit in collaboration with visual artist Carlos Molina Llorens

Compositon: Miqueu Montanaro

Light and set design: Carlos Molina Llorens

Dancers:Riina Kalmi, William Petit, Pirjo Yli-Maunula and local women having dance as a hobby

Circus artists: Virginie Charbonnier, Christophe Pilven

Production: Fabrik Nomade Production, JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre

Co-production: Flow Productions, Nono Theatre, Cie L’Autre Main

PERFORMANCES: Culture Centre Valve, Valvehall

WED 21.11. at 19 (premiere)

TTHUR 22.11. at 19

FRI 23.11. at 14 & 19

SAT 24.11. at 14 & 19


15/ 12 / 6 € (JoJo´s members))

Culture Centre Valve ticket office tel. 08 558 47575

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