Petit & Yli-Maunula: Scars – Breaking the Barriers of Intimacy
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Dance artist Pirjo Yli-Maunula and French dancer-choreographer William Petit join forces once again for their new duet Scars, which will be premiered in Oulu in November 2013.

The title Scars, “arvet” in Finnish, refers not only to body, but also to borders. The idea is partly based on the artistic work Petit has conducted in the border areas, for example between Mexico and the USA. In these areas the man made barriers and obstacles are the scars of nature.

As usual, political and private become mixed in the collaboration of Yli-Maunula and Petit. Just like a border between two countries divides an area, a scar on a skin is just as much a border. It divides two mental and physical states: there is the state before and after the scar. Borders on skin are crossed through touch and movement.

Not suitable for audiences under 16.

  • Concept, choreography and dance: Pirjo Yli-Maunula and William Petit
  • In collaboration with
  • Sound designer Pom Bouvier B.
  • Light designer Jukka Huitila
  • Costume designer Heidi Kesti
  • Texts and photography: JP Manninen
  • Production: Flow Productions ja Rialto Fabrik Nomade
  • Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland
  • Duration: 75 minutes

Performance history:

Oulu, Culture Centre Valve, November 1-3, 2013 (3)