Pirjo Yli-Maunula: Pessi and Illusia
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Pessi and Illusia, the beloved fairytale by Yrjö Kokko (first published in 1944), has seen a powerful reinterpretation in the hands of artist professor Pirjo Yli-Maunula and her team. The artists decided to start from a clean slate and build the world of Pessi and Illusia from scratch. Familiar characters have gained new dimensions through movement, expression and visualization. The stage production creates a beautiful, rough-hewn and visually inventive world which expands Kokko’s well-known story and characters into a multi-layered experience for the viewer. This is what Pessi and Illusia looks like in our day and age.

The piece is a co-creation between Yli-Maunula and dancers Milla Virtanen, Teemu Tuohimaa and Katri Lausjärvi, circus artists Sanna Vellava and Katja Kortström, as well as musicians Kyösti Salmijärvi and Markus Lampela. Costume and set design are by Pirjo Valinen, assisted by Heidi Kesti. Sound design is by Aake Otsala and light design by Jukka Huitila. Assistant director is Milla Virtanen. Circus artist Ilona Jäntti has also been involved in planning the piece.

The work was produced by Flow Productions in co-operation with JoJo-Oulu Dance Centre in 2015. Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Wihuri Foundation and Oulun Valistustalo. In partnership with Cultural Centre

Suitable for children over 6 years.

PREMIERE November 4, 2015 Culture Centre Valve, Oulu
Nov 4-14, 2015 Valvehall (10 shows)
Feb 17-26, 2017 Valvehall (9 shows)

May 15, 2017 at 6pm Cirko-festival, Helsinki
May 16, 2017 at 10am an 6pm Cirko-festival, Helsinki