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With the guidance of two dancers, Cubbyholes journeys into the Chaos of the
Senses. Along its journey, it’ll explore threads between the body and the
environment, experienced through a multiplicity of senses.

Cubbyholes approaches the exhibition as if it was a natural environment – a
soil, offered to us. What do we want from this soil? How do we settle into
it? What meanings can we grow upon it? Before us opens a wilderness of
senses – within it, we will seek our own forms of experience, creating new
perspectives to its riches. Rather than the works themselves, we will place
the personal interpretations on the pedestal of art.

Cubbyholes has been created by dance artists Vaatu Kalajoki, Pirjo
Yli-Maunula and game designer Pekko Koskinen. It has been produced by Flow
Productions and realized in collaboration with Oulu Museum of Art.

Journeys take place between 2-6.2.2011, each day at 2 p.m.