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VARJAKKA – An unforgettable journey to a mysterious island

VARJAKKA is an immersive journey which takes the audience to Varjakansaari, an island just outside of Oulu. The performance is a deep voyage into a subconscious world, one that is filled with fantastic sights and dreamlike scenes. Once the audience sets foot on the island, they enter the world of VARJAKKA.

The island has a tragic past: In 1907, a boating accident claimed the lives of twenty women and young girls when their sailboat capsized in a freak accident while they were preparing to return to mainland after a day’s work. This and other stories from the island’s rich history have inspired the artists who have constructed VARJAKKA from real and imagined events.

The performance is a four-hour expedition for the audience, who are transported to the island from downtown Oulu and ferried across the narrow strait. The performance is a combination of artistic disciplines ranging from contemporary dance to theater, installations, video projections and photography. The historic buildings of the island and its nature play an impressive part in the experience, which winds through the many rooms and paths of Varjakansaari.

VARJAKKA is directed by Pirjo Yli-Maunula, who also performs in the piece. Assisting director:  Milla Virtanen. Performers: Titta Court, Jukka Ristolainen, Kira Riikonen, Maria Littow ja Vaatu Kalajoki. Music and sound design: Anssi Laiho. Costume and set design: Heidi Kesti. Visuals: Leevi Lehtinen. Location manager: Tapani Launonen. Photography: JP Manninen and Sampo Marjomaa. Masks: Julia Adzuki. Graphic design: Tomi Hurskainen. Making of photos: Sanna Krook. Press photos: JP Manninen, Poster and flyer photos: Jussi Tuokkola. Videotrailer and documentation: Kalle Jurvelin & team. Map of Varjakka: Sampo Marjomaa.

Experience VARJAKKA during Oulun Juhlaviikot Festival, August 6th through 12th. Bus transportation from Oulu City Hall, Kirkkokatu 2, every day at 6pm. Duration of the trip is abroximately 3h45min( including transportation time).