Virtanen: Ramona
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photo Leevi Lehtinen
  • Choreography and dance: Milla Virtanen
  • Music: Anssi Laiho
  • Production: Flow Productions, Maria Littow
  • Supported by: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council for Dance
  • Premiere: Oct 12, 2012 at 8pm Oulun Tähtisirkus

Ramona dance theater performance has been created to be part of Maria Littow’s Own Paths -installation. The audience has an opportunity to peak into Ramona’s daring world, that has space for balancing, courage and comfort. The tense, and perhaps a little charming atmosphere on the stage has been created by dancer/choreographer Milla Virtanen and musician Anssi Laiho.

Milla Virtanen is a Finnish dancer and choreographer who has studied dancing in the Netherlands and in Finland. She specializes in dance theater and physical theater. Choreographers she has worked for include Jaakko Toivonen (Company Koorts), Eddy Becquart, Pia Meuthen, Jouni Prittinen (Hämeenlinna City Theater), Satu Tuomisto Jussi Väänänen and Katja Koukkula.

Since 2007 she has created seven dance theatre performances that have been performed in Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, and in Germany. Her latest dance theater performances Volièreand It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue combine dance and animation art. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue was invited to Junge Hunde theater festival in Denmark, which takes place in October 2012. Themes she often works with are human behaviour, taboos and secrets.

Anssi Laiho is a composer, sound designer and a performing artist  who has specialised in electronic sound art and electronic composition techniques.

Laiho has studied music in Oulu Conservatory, Madetoja musical high school and City college of Manchester. His instruments of choice have included live electronic music instruments, singing, classical double bass, electric jazz guitar, classical acoustic guitar, jazz piano and percussion. He’s done studies in musical improvisation techniques, composition/arranging, sound design and performance.

As a composer Laiho’s work combines aesthetics and working techniques used in many different electronic composition genres such as electro-acoustic music and musique concrete. Laiho has a strong background as a performing musician and his musical style is often coloured with applied improvisation techniques and live electronic performance systems

Performance history:

Oct 12, 2012 Oulun Tähtisirkus, world premiere

Oct 13-Oct 31 Oulun Tähtisirkus (4)

Coming up:

September  27, 2013, Suomen käsityöläisten museo, Tanssin Aika-festival, Jyväskylä

September 29, Kangasniemen kunnantalo