William Petit: Lands of Gravity
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Alive, after a crash, with a crash, after the loss, with the loss, Alive, Alive

A performance proposed as a ritual of sharing sensations. A path through lands, to compose with exaltation a being together, a being to the world. Spaces rejuvenated, invented once more, geography of our present, topography of ours acts, structured in a joyful and radical dynamic.

Lands that we pass through, that we live through, routes, passages, that restore the individual, the us, the plural, in their multiple relations to each one other, to others, in a moving, metamorphosed combination, between dance, music and visual arts.

Let ourselves be carried away by gravity with jubilation.

Lands of Gravity is a process of performances (developed on theater stage as in museums, art spaces, art galleries), different approaches, here constructed as a solo, for the opportunity of its presentation in Oulu.

PERFORMANCE in Culture Centre Valve, Valvehall Wed 28.11. at 19

TICKETS: 20/15€ Culture Centre Valve ticket office tel 08-558 47575 or www.ticketmaster.fi

Concept and choreography : William PETIT, in collaboration with Carlos MOLINA LLORENS, visual artist, light and scenography creator.

Electroacoustic composition : Pom BOUVIER B.

Performer : William PETIT

Co-producers, partnerships and support : Nomad Fabrik Production-Toulon-Fr, HDA Var-Toulon-Fr, ECLA-Artothèque-Saint Cloud-Fr, NONO Theater-Marseille-Fr, Flow Prod,Valve Theater-Oulu-Fi, L’Oulle Theater-Avignon-Fr, Relaciones Inesperadas-Tijuana-Mex, Le Port des Créateurs-Toulon-Fr, CCCC-Centre de Arte del Carme-Valencia-Sp, Studio La Liseuse-Cie Georges Appaix-Marseille-Fr, Conseil Régional Paca, Conseil Départemental du Var, Ville de Toulon, Ville de Marseille, Adami, Spedidam