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The project is a collaboration between choreographer Pirjo Yli-Maunula, costume and set designer Pirjo Valinen, light designer Jukka Huitila and sound designer Aake Otsala. The project is a continuation of the previous material-based work the four members of the core team have created before, namely Susurro and Pessi ja Illusia.

Exhibition was the first of a three-part whole, which includes a series of outdoor performances and a piece performed on stage, set to be created in the autumn 2019.

Wool as a material has been in human use for millennia. The woolen thread is a bond that connects cultures across time and space, a means for human interaction with harsh and sublimely beautiful nature. The age-old material becomes a counterpoint against the unethical practices of cheap mass production and the ideology of the dispensable. Wool has many souls, which the viewer can get to know also through a tactile experience.

Performances in Hailuoto, Ulkokarvo, Petsamon laituri July 26 at 5pm and July 27 at 3:30pm.

Tickets 15‚ā¨ (Available in Hailuoto before the performances)